Preventing Heat Styling Damage to Your Hair

Preventing Heat Styling Damage to your hair

As much as we may love the ease with which heat styling tools enhance the volume, shine, and style of our tresses, our blow dryers, and flat irons can quickly become our hair’s downfall if not used correctly. Heat styling, when done frequently and at very high temperatures, breaks down the hydrogen bonds in hair. It also strips your locks of oils and proteins resulting in brittle strands that are more susceptible to breakage. If you’re addicted to your hot tools, here are some tips preventing heat styling damage to your hair:


Before even picking up your blow dryer, consider the regular use of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, which will give your locks a healthy, nourished base to work from. A weekly deep-conditioning mask or overnight serum will also do wonders to boost your hair’s strength so it can withstand your heat styling routine.


One of the most crucial things you can do for your hair is to add a protective layer before using your hot tools. Look for leave-in conditioners, moisturizing creams, or heat protection sprays that are specially formulated for heat styling. These products will not only prevent damage but may also add extra shine and sleekness.

Turn Down the Heat

Temperature settings can go as high as 400 degrees, but that doesn’t mean you should set your flat iron that high. Start at a lower temperature and increase it gradually to the setting that works for your hair type. Keep in mind that fine hair is more delicate and should be styled at lower temperatures. And if your straightener or curling iron produces smoke or sizzling sounds, it’s definitely too hot!

Watch Your Technique

Proper heat styling technique is key to preventing damage to your strands. Hair is more vulnerable when it’s wet, so blow dry your hair on a lower heat setting, and make sure your locks are completely dry before using your flat iron. And remember to not keep your hot tool in one spot; keep it constantly moving as you work through your hair.

Invest in Good Tools

You don’t need to buy a top-of-the-line blow dryer or flat iron, but investing in good-quality tools will make a difference in efficiency and hair damage control. When shopping for a blow dryer, look for one with a powerful air flow, which will hasten drying time and thus reduce the potential for heat damage. Nozzle attachments are useful for evenly distributing heat, and a diffuser attachment is effective for gently drying curls. Flat irons should have high-quality plates (preferably ceramic) and a good range of temperature settings.

Give Your Hair a Break

The best way to protect your strands from heat damage is prevention. Cut down on your heat styling routine, and better yet, limit your hot tool use for special occasions. When possible, let your hair air dry and maximize your hair’s natural texture with mousse or texturizing products. Or be creative and try heat-free styles, like braids, buns, or a ponytail. Ultimately, giving your hair frequent vacations from heat is the best way to maintain its strength, vitality, and health.

It’s okay to love your heat styling tools – as long as you use them in moderation while implementing our tips to protect your hair from heat styling damage.

6 Essentials for Handling Dry Skin this Fall

6 essentials for handling dry skin this fall

The cold weather is just around the corner, if not already barreling down on you in some parts of the country. And we all know what comes with cold weather – dry skin. Somehow, regardless of how much rain your city may see, dry skin becomes an itchy, ugly, flaky mess this time of year.  Let’s look at 6 key ways to combat dry skin this fall so you can say goodbye to the chapped skin for good.

1 – Stay Hydrated

Though water does not go directly to your skin (it hits up your intestinal tract and makes its way through various other parts of your body) it will eventually reach your skin. Research suggests that it takes a fair amount dehydration to directly affect the skin, but we suggest going ahead and keeping up on your water intake, anyway. After all, drinking plenty of water is a healthy choice in many ways, whether it affects your skin or not.

2 – Moisturize Dry Skin

Here’s a big one! There are plenty of moisturizers on the market today, and for one good reason: they work. People wouldn’t still be buying these things if they weren’t helpful. Finding a good moisturizer is key to maintaining glowing, supple skin.

Not all moisturizers are equal. When it comes to the harsh weather of these cooler months, try to find a thick body butter to really lock that moisture in and to leave a nice layer of cream over the skin so you don’t dry back out as quickly. Leave those thin moisturizers for warmer, summer months.

3 – Moisturize at the Right Time

Researchers at Mayo Clinic suggest moisturizing after you get out of a shower or bath but before fully drying off. Your body soaks up extra water through your skin as you bathe. Not a ton, but enough that if you lock it in with moisturizer before fully drying off you will be able to help keep that supple, after-shower glow.

4 – Don’t Forget Your Face

Your face is the one part of your body that is difficult to cover and which is exposed to the elements more than any other part of you. In addition to shielding it from harsh winds and cool air, invest in a high-quality moisturizer made especially for the skin on your face.

5 – Cover Up

Part of keeping dry skin at bay during the cooler months of fall and winter is protecting your skin. Moisturizers are a great way to protect your skin. You may find yourself applying them a lot more often than you’d like to if you don’t properly cover your skin for this season.

Don’t rely on a vest to keep you warm while letting the bitter air attack your bare arms! Break out your jacket! Grab the gloves (for those extra-cold days), and a scarf – you can never be too cautious.

6 – Wear Makeup You Can Trust

Just like moisturizers, not all makeup is created equally. Some foundations and coverups are made specifically for summer months. They are light, airy and breathable to reduce sweat and the chance of acne breakouts. Other foundations and coverups are made with extra minerals and other defenses against the harshness of cool autumn and winter months.

Foods to Eat for the Best Skin and Hair

The common cause of loss of elasticity in skin as we get older is a deficiency in Vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Essentially, as we age our bodies ability to absorb these vitamins slows. Therefore, we will show signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging skin and more. It is imperative for skin care and hair care to ensure that you eat quality foods, prepared properly.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is first up, as it contains potassium, an electrolyte that helps move nutrients into our cells. As stated this slows down with age and is the main cause of graying hair and lack of vitamins A, B, C, E and K uptake. Coconut oil is high in healthy fats and vitamins E and K and minerals. This will boost hair growth and reduce protein loss when used on the hair. Protein loss in the hair is what causes your former natural curls to become frizzy.


Fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids have incredible beauty benefits. Your skin will glow and your hair will shine.


Avocados contain good amounts of vitamins A, D and E and omega-9 fatty acids ‘ one of the building blocks of healthy skin.

Red Bell Peppers

Everyone has heard of the benefits of vitamin C and anit-aging, well bell peppers have more vitamin C than oranges. So load up in salads and with your dinners for great anti-aging benefits.


Eggs are excellent for healthy hair!! Containing sulfur which is an essential nutrient that helps with vitamin B absorption and liver detoxing. Sulfur is also necessary for the production of collagen and keratin, which help create and maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.


These nuts have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help the body retain moisture. Moisture retention is essential to keep your skin plump and to avoid the dry hair look we get as we age. The protein in walnuts helps boost hair follicles, making hair fuller and stronger.


Tomatoes protect you from sun damage thanks to their high antioxidant content.


Oats contain zinc, biotin, magnesium and potassium. A deficiency in these nutrients can lead to more brittle hair and more breakage.


Pineapple has the enzyme bromelain, which is an effective skin softener. Furthermore, you will get the extra benefits of the vitamin C.


Spinach contains vitamin K, which helps keep your skin’s elasticity. This is of course idea for anti-aging but also recommended while losing weight, as well.

As you may see, while we get older, we need to eat healthy nutrient rich foods. But the main focus point is ensuring that the nutrients reach our cells and become utilized by our bodies. So, concentrate on known anti-aging nutrition and boost with complimentary foods for better absorption.

Having a beauty regiment for our skin and hair and using quality products is optimal. Check out our fabulous Royal Beauty Hair Care and Skin Care Line and Beauty Tools.

Hairdryers Revealed

Royale Tourmaline Pro Hairdryer White


An ion is an atomic particle that either gains or loses an electron to achieve molecular stability. Attaching to the nearest, oppositely charged ion. Water molecules have two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (H2O). Water creates a slightly positive charge on hydrogen and a slightly negative charge on oxygen. Ionic technology creates negative ions, which in hair dryers help to break down the water molecule.  Allowing your hair to dry faster and therefore having less exposure to heat. Furthermore, ions open up and soften the hair cuticle thus reducing the hair’s surface tension, allowing your hair to absorb more moisture and to shine!


Ceramics are made essentially from a nonmetallic mineral such as clay. Ceramic dryers emit non-damaging far infrared heat, which dries the hair gently. Near infrared is a shorter wavelength of infrared that carries 10 times the energy of far infrared. Conventional styling tools provide infrared waves in the near and mid range. These infrared wavelengths are not sufficient enough to penetrate the hair or the scalp. Because of this, these shorter infrared rays heat the air surrounding the hair and only heat the surface of the hair. This will cause frizz and dry and damaged hair. The longer wavelength from far infrared (FIR) technology generate deep penetrating heat, heating hair from the inside out. Which relaxes and softens hair offering a smooth and shiny polished coiffure.


Tourmaline is a semi-precious material that has been crushed into a fine powder and molded into or coated on the internal components of the hairdryer. Generating only negative ions when heated. Often Tourmaline and ceramic are combined and used together in a hair dryer.

Ceramic and tourmaline both allow sealing of the cuticle so it looks more polished.


Summer Skin Care Tips

We have been waiting for summer for a such a very long time. And now here it is! But what does your skin think about it? Is your skin happy to greet it? It will be, if you know how to take care of your skin in the summertime. Here are some summer skin care tips that will help you stay beautiful and healthy.

Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer

These are your best friends for every day and all year long, are they not? But in summer, they are even more important. Many of us feel sure that the warm weather is great for our skin. But this is not the case. Of course, we love the sun, but in the hot summer months, we need to protect our skin more carefully.

Choose a daily cream with a light structure

Standing in front of a store shelf with hundreds of face creams, it is easy to lose your mind and be confused. The most important consideration for a daily cream is still your skin type. It doesn’t matter whether you have oily or very dry skin, it still needs to be hydrated and at any age.

Use UV-cream with SPF 15+

You can buy your daily cream with SPF or use a separate one. If you don’t spend a lot of time outside, you can use your daily cream and keep in your bag a UV-cream. But remember that a UV-cream should be applied at least 20 minutes before you go outside. Try to choose the SPF level of protection regarding your skin sensitivity. The higher the better.


If you wear makeup every day in the summer and you don’t want to use a UV-cream, you have 2 options. You can use a light UV-cream designed to be applied before makeup. Or you can choose a foundation, BB cream or CC cream with SPF factor. If you let your skin have a rest from makeup in the summertime, good for you! You can use just the daily cream with SPF or a UV-cream.

Drink water, more water

Many of us would prefer to drink a cup of coffee rather than a glass of water. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the dermis of the skin and mostly in the face and neck. This naturally occurring acid holds 1000 times it weight in water. So the more water you drink the more hydrated and plump your face will be. Adequate level of water in your body makes your skin look younger and creates a lovely natural glow. As you age the production of hyaluronic acid decreases, this is why it is so popular in many beauty creams these days. If you are not used to drinking water, you can start with 2-3 glasses of water per day. And then increase the number of glasses, up 7-8 per day.

Start your day with an ice cube

Treat your face and neck daily with an ice cube. You will wake up immediately! And your skin will too! Make the ice cubes from a mix of herbs and your skin will absorb all the beneficial ingredients.

Follow these simple daily suggestions and your skin will stay in great condition. And you will look always fresh and radiant!

Discover How to Get Instantly Longer Hair

hair extensions

The best way to instantly enhance the length and volume of your hair is with extensions. Hair extensions are perfect for any length or hair colour.

You don’t need to visit the salon to get hair extensions. Elite Extensions offers a unique clip on system, making them quick and easy to wear. Each box contains 7 pieces: 2 triple clips, 3 double clips and 2 single clips. Layering the clips into your hair creates a perfect, balanced appearance.

Here’s a simple step by step guide to attach Elite Extensions:

Step 1: Tie up half of your hair, so you can easily work with the remaining part, closest to your neck.

Step 2: Leaving about one inch of hair near your neck, use a double clip extension. Line up the clip close to your hairline, but not on you scalp. Clip one side and pull extension before clipping the other side.

Step 3: Let some of your hair down. Cover the attached extension with one inch of your hair. This time, you’ll use a triple clip extension. Line the extension close to your hairline, clip the center one first and then stretch the extension out before clipping the other two sides.

Step 4: Again, let down more of your hair. Cover the last attached extension with one inch of your hair. Apply the last triple clip extension. Clip the center one first and then the other two sides. Remember to stretch out the extension so it flows naturally.

Step 5: Let all your hair down and you can add the remaining extension clips.

Step 6: About one inch up from your ear, attach a double clip. Add the last double clip above your other ear.

Step 7: Near the front of your hair, attach the one clip extension on either side of your face.

Elite Extensions are so light, you can wear them all day long or take them off whenever you want. Made with 100% human hair, Elite Extensions can be washed, blown dry, styled and even dyed.

Get 15% off all hair extensions. Use coupon code “#HE15#” at checkout . Offer expires March 31, 2016.

How the Cold Weather Affects Your Hair

During the winter month, changes to the climate will ultimately result in changes for your skin, hair and mood. Common problems include hat head, dandruff, fly away’s and split ends. Why? When the weather gets colder we turn on the heaters. However, the heaters keep us warm, but also remove moisture from the air and make our hair dryer. And as we all know, when hair is dry it is more susceptible to damage. Furthermore, going from a heated home to the outside elements doesn’t help!

So, now what?
productFor one, using a hair mask, like HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Mask can help replenish hair. One of the main ingredients in the hair mask is Panthenol. Panthenol’s molecular structure allows it to attract moisture from the atmosphere and bind to water molecules. Thus hydrating your dry out hair. Further, there is dimethicone which is absorbed on the outer cuticle of the hair, forming a film which smooths out the hair strands and retains the moisture. Hair becomes easier to comb both dry and wet. Infused with Argan Oil the mask is great for repairing damaged and dry hair, eliminating frizz and contributing to a generally healthier look, resulting in thicker, shinier, and healthier-looking hair.

Other things you can do?

  • get regular trims to remove split ends
  • switch up your routine with different shampoos and conditioners
  • avoid the heat by staying away from the blow dryer and hot tools
  • keep hair protected by always wearing protection, like a hat, to keep moisture in
  • simplify your routine with products that don’t weigh your hair down

We would all like to have healthy, shiny and radiant hair that we see many celebs enjoying and with Herstyler this possible at all ages! So treat yourself to a wonderfully replenishing hair serum because you deserve it!

Beauty Trends for Fall

Best Trends for Fall

Fall is a most beautiful time of the year – the leaves are changing, the weather has a nip and chill and it’s the perfect time to experiment with hair, beauty and makeup.


  1. Dramatic eyes

Eyeliner once meant neatly lining your lids in black, but for fall, the trend is lines that are not too neat. Everything from winged to double-winged lines will be making an appearance.

  1. Red hot lips

Seen everywhere on the runways this upcoming season, red is the color. And better yet, red doesn’t mean that fire engine red like it once did. It now consists of varying shades and intensities.

  1. Blushed cold

Cold weather means that our skin will be getting paler but also that our cheeks will be getting pinker. But since skin tends to return to normal once you’re inside, the next big trend will be adding a touch of blush to make it look deliberate – like you have just come in from the cold, but all the time.

  1. Rock god

To help bring you into winter, colors of metal, including silver, gold and bronze are what you need to be seen in. These colours work best on eyelids or even added with a touch of glue and glitter around the eyes.


  1. Natural roots

Girls, skip the frequent trips to the hair salon and let your natural color shine through. This fall sees the return of natural roots. Stars like January Jones and Jennifer Lawrence might present with blonde hair, but their natural darker color has been presenting itself as of late.

  1. Bronde

Rather than the more latest trend of ombre hair color, a hot trend for fall is bronde, which blends light brown with caramel and buttery shades. Rather than decide if you’re on team blonde or team brunette, enjoy standing somewhere in the middle.

  1. Dark highlights

As we mentioned above, ombre has been all the rage, but for fall, the new trend is warming up near-black hair with brown highlights scattered along the lower half, much like the ombre style with a twist.

  1. Braids

Since fall is all about being cozy, perfecting the braid is the best way to achieve this. Fall is also the time that we can reminisce about the summer gone by. But also gone are the days of pigtails! In come more intricate styles, such as crown braids and side ponytails.

How to Find Your Feelgood Fragrance

The right perfume might not change your life but it can certainly improve your mood. Wearing just the right fragrance can remind you of a special event, time or place! Also adding that all too important feelgood factor when heading out for a special night or important meeting. There’s even well tested science behind it! Our olfactory response is directly linked to the emotional center of our brain. Which causes a warm flood of emotions with a simple whiff. Unlike touch or taste, scents are directly related to past experiences, both positive and negative.


Wardrobes accented with pink and ruffles will not only enjoy the look of Dolce & Gabbana pour Femme, but the fragrance as well. Light and airy perfumes like Miss Dior, inspired by love and romance.


You keep it simple with strong scents that keep you trendy and stand out, in a subtle way. Scents like Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue are the perfect mix of light and airy, but still sparkle with delicate fruit notes. Burberry Brit perfectly embodies the 21st century woman – a playful spirit with a strong sense of individuality. Fresh and playful, the fragrance is a classic, green-oriental blend of lush fruits, sweet nutty essences, and soothing amber, vanilla, and Tonka bean.


Unapologetically flirty and effortlessly glamorous is what makes any woman sensuous. For women, try Flora by Gucci, which is an utterly feminine, yet deeply sensual fragrance. For men, Armani Code Pour Homme – Giorgio Armani, is an iconic fragrance that represents the playfulness of seduction, and is timelessly sensual.


The beauty of finding that perfect sporty fragrance. Subtle with just the right amount of fruity and floral. Orange blossom by Gucci Première does just that by celebrating the star of every woman that is evenly balanced with a sensual modern musk.

Royal Beauty carries a wide range of designer fragrances, all available for purchase online. Find your perfect scent today.

How to Reduce the Signs of Aging

How to reduce the signs of aging

How to Reduce the Signs of Aging

The idea of growing old is not something anyone looks forward to, so why not stop aging in its tracks? Vivo Per Lei has a whole slew of products designed to take the benefits of Dead Sea minerals and apply them to your skin. Using components like sulphur, calcium and magnesium, every formula when applied directly to the skin can improve its texture, look and feel. Overall skin feels nourished and increases in its flexibility, freshness and ability to heal.

What else makes Vivo Per Lei unique? All products contain Dead Sea minerals that are essential external additives for all of us. What this means is that they have the ability to strengthen and nourish each layer of the skin. This anti-aging effect also encourages cells to produce more collagen and elastin. The combined high concentration of natural materials and exceptional composition ensures every product penetrates the skin more deeply without irritation, creating a natural-looking glow.

Turn back time           

Turn Back Time

As we age, our skin also changes, which means what worked when we were younger, is no longer as effective as we get older. So, it only makes sense that one needs to tailor their skin care routine and regiment to ensure you put your best face forward at every age.

Containing up to eight times more minerals than most sea water, the Dead Sea is the saltiest in the world. It is believed that this, combined with the unique atmosphere in the area, is the secret to its success. And with tons of benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people love Vivo Per Lei’s wide range of products. Each item is specifically designed to work with a wide range of skin types and keep you looking young and timeless.


What products to use and why

  1. Vivo Moisturizing Day Cream.  Light and easy to apply, this cream can be used all day and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Radiance is key here, as the cream helps to reduce wrinkles, and totally transforms dull and dry skin. This non-greasy cream relaxes the appearance of expression lines and can even be used as a base underneath make up.
  2. Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling .   Using the healing benefits of the Dead Sea, this product is powerful enough to clean your face, but gentle enough to not irritate skin. A thin layer of dry cells are removed to reveal youthful looking skin. This product is a great alternative to harsh chemical peels. Skin is instantly revitalized and renewed, while vital oils that your skin needs are left intact.
  3. Vivo Per Lei Cell Renewal Night Cream.  The key to fighting the clock is keeping skin cells healthy and young, which can only be done through consistent moisture being applied to skin. This night cream is an easy way to ensure your skin gets all the nutrients it needs while you sleep. The no-fuss, non-greasy formula absorbs easily and ensures you will wake up to silkier skin.
  4. White Diamond Peeling Complex.  Full of vitamins C and E, this complex reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So lightweight you will hardly even feel it, it easily revitalizes skin without the use of harsh chemicals. In fact, the unique formula is infused with Diamond Powder. Diamond Powder that is non-irritating and gently exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells.