PYT Ceramic Styling Tool – Neon Yellow

PYT Ceramic Styling Tool – Neon Yellow

PYT Ceramic Styling Tool – Purple Pink Zebra

The Ceramic Styling Tool features 100% ceramic plates and an ergonomic body that allows for super slick straight hair, soft voluminous waves and tight spiral curls. The extra high grade ceramic is a superior heat conductor that generates far-infrared heat. Far infrared heat locks in moisture with each smooth pass, styling hair to a perfectly frizz-free sheen.
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If you are looking for the best ceramic styling tool, you might consider getting this beauty tool. It comes with a fashion savvy color that makes your makeshift makeup table look chic and fashionable. It comes with a one-of-a-kind floating plate design that will never leave unwanted creases on your hair.

This hair styling tool can create sleek straight hairstyles, and it can add more volume to your waves and flips. The ceramic plates are made from the best materials and come with an ergonomic body, which makes it easier for users to use. Its plates create far infrared heats that lock up moisture into the hair strand. This feature allows your hair to receive less damage from the heat.

The floating plate puts a distance between your hair and the tool itself. It sizes up to 1.25 inches wide. This feature stops you from tugging your hair from the roots. Aside from that, it also has an adjustable temperature feature that allows you to adjust the temperature from 140 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to match different types of hairstyle. Its grip is designed with a heat-resistant grip to keep your hands safe from scalding while you are styling your hair.

This tool comes with a dual 150V power cord that stretches up to 9 feet. It makes your tool accessible, especially if your power supplies are located in a farther position.

If you are looking for the best styling tool, you might consider getting this hair styling tool for you!

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