Vivo Per Lei Manicure Set Hyacinth

With this manicure set, you can achieve salon results made by yourself. Starting by shaping your nails to nourishing your hands and cuticle with a lotion and oil with a pleasant citrus aroma. Your hands will be soft and nails well-groomed.
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Do you want to give your nails a new look that will make your hands look attractive? If you do, then you need nothing else but the Vivo Per Lei Manicure Set Hyacinth.

This manicure set comes with four manicure essentials which include an abrasive nail filer that gives your nails the perfect shape, a three-sided buffer that polishes the surface of the nails, a cuticle oil that softens the cuticles, and a lotion that smoothens the hands and gives an alluring hyacinth scent. The cuticle oil is an orange peel oil which is essential in moisturizing the nail cuticle and keeping the skin around the nails radiant and young-looking all day. On the other hand, the lotion removes dirt from the skin pores so that it stays radiant and glowing.

Using this manicure set regularly during your manicure sessions will help enhance the health of your fingernails. With regular use, you will have healthy, moisturized nails and cuticles. With these manicure essentials, you can have nails that grow faster and you can maintain your cuticles better. Plus, this nail care set will help you reduce the risk of your nails developing infections.

Moreover, this manicure set promotes strong, clean, and beautiful nails. The nourishing oil and lotion strengthen the nails so that they cannot be easily damaged.

Of course, beautiful nails are nothing when you have ugly hands. The moisturizing lotion that comes with this manicure set promotes smooth and soft hands. It rejuvenates the skin so that it looks radiant with beauty.

Get your nails polished to perfection with the Vivo Per Lei Manicure Set.

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